Ordering Policy:


Inventory:  We will update our inventory status every hour.




In order to qualify as Wholesale/Retail when purchasing from us, you must be a currently registered business with valid Tax-ID number and resale permit number (a number starting with SRAA).

All quantities not meeting the minimum will be considered as samples and be billed out at public consumer rate.

                      “Discontinued” may not be future-ordered unless it is a custom order.

Minimum on future-order is 12 pieces per color, per style.  Please contact us for more information.

                                Minimum quantities for custom/private order is 300 pieces per style.  Sizes other than S, M,

                                       XL will be charged extra.  We cannot do custom colors.  30% non-refundable

                                       advance deposit is required to proceed with the order unless otherwise arranged.  Please

                                       contact us for more information.             

Labels should be sent pre-paid and be received within 2 weeks of placing an order.  Please contact us for more information.

                                  depend on where samples are shipped. (no CODs, Credit cards only)

  1. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa can be used to purchase your order.

No surcharge.

  1. Returning users who have used the first method of payment at least once will have option to purchase C.O.D. using only cashier’s check or money order. Company checks require quick approval.




Your order status :  If you’ve placed your order online you will receive an automatic confirmation, which we hope

                       you’ll copy.  Then, once your order is shipped we will e-mail you with UPS tracking number and/or

                       other appropriate deliver information.


Substitutes :  We won’t substitute colors, sizes or styles without your permission.



Cancelation :  You only have 48 hours to cancel your order.  After 48 hours, all orders will be processed and ready

                 to go.  Call us at (213) 741-2900, Monday through Friday, between 9am – 5pm for more info.